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Speaking with a sex crime defense lawyer as soon as you know that you or a loved one is suspected of committing an Internet sex crime can help in quickly building a strong defense against child pornography or related charges. The government has many resources to use in prosecution of your case. Acting quickly gives your lawyer more time to leverage resources against the government.

Attorneys with Israa Zaher are familiar with and have experience in all state Circuit Courts in southeast Michigan which include:

36th District Court 
All Wayne County District Courts 
3rd Circuit Court/Wayne County 
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16th Circuit Court/Macomb County 
38th Circuit Court/Monroe County 
44th Circuit Court/Livingston County  

Have you been charged with 
for Solicitation of a Minor on the Internet

On-line solicitation of a minor for a sexual purpose, that is, with intent to commit a sexual activity with that minor, is one of the most investigated and targeted activities by both federal and state law enforcement in this day and age. The “on-line solicitation” as it is known as, is usually in the form of contact by electronic mail (e-mail), instant messaging, or other use of the Internet.

Solicitation of minors for sexual purposes on the Internet is an issue that has grown immensely in the past decade. It is a crime that has garnered a great deal of attention; newsmagazine shows highlight "stings" of alleged sexual predators, and the government and advocacy groups widely distribute information to help parents protect their kids. The consequences of a conviction for soliciting a minor on the Internet can be very serious. If you have been involved in or are accused of soliciting a minor, contact an attorney who will explain your rights.

 Often, persons are prosecuted pursuant to these laws when a person arranges to meet the minor to engage in sexual activity. However, the person making the on-line communication may be prosecuted even if he does not follow through with contact with the minor, but rather merely communicates in a sexually explicit manner. Also, persons can be prosecuted here if they forward sexually explicit material to the minor.

We defend clients charged for all types of computer and internet sex crimes, such as:

Child porn 
Possession of child pornography 
Solicitation of a minor over the internet 
Other internet or computer crimes 

If you are under investigation, or have been arrested for a computer or internet sex crime, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss your rights and defense strategy.

What to do if accused of a sex crime:

Do not talk with the police, police investigators, District Attorney investigators, sex crime investigators, or any other government agent.

Do not attempt to explain “what happened.” You cannot talk your way out of a police investigation.

Do not admit or deny any accusation. Use your Constitutional right to remain silent!

Do not discuss the case with any family members or friends.

Do not make any telephone calls, cell phone calls, or e-mails to friends, family, or associates concerning the matter. All such communications may be intercepted and recorded by police authorities and later used against you in court.

DO call us immediately and request a private, in-office consultation with one of our sex crime lawyers . Only then – in complete privacy of our office and with the protections of the attorney-client confidential communications privilege – should you then discuss your case.
Have you been charged with criminal Sexual 
Conduct (Rape) in Metro Detroit? 

There are four degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) under Michigan law; they cover a range of sexual contact and levels of force or intimidation.  Jail time for sexual assault crimes can last for decades, with some offenses carrying possible life sentences and 25 year minimum prison terms. Even for convictions of a lesser degree of CSC, the penalties are severe. If You Have Been Charged With CSC, give us a call. These charges range between first and fourth degree. Typically, first and third degree CSC involves penetration, while second and fourth degree CSC result from contact of some other nature.  

Your Defense

CSC (criminal sexual conduct ) can be a difficult case for the prosecution to prove, considering such factors as consent or false accusations. Some alleged victims, while caught in the act of consensual sexual intercourse or whose advances are rejected, will cry “rape” when unwarranted. Charges can also be brought about as the result of jealousy, revenge, or from a repressed or recovered memory that can be years old and is unreliable.

In any of the above situations the accused faces false or exaggerated charges. Due to the unpleasant and sometimes upsetting nature of sexual offense cases, a jury may turn a deaf ear to the defense. If you are being investigated for First, Second, Third or Forth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, you must call an attorney immediately and do not speak with the police! They will already have gathered some evidence against you and if their case is strong enough they will charge you whether or not you speak with them or not.  

Michigan Penalties for a Criminal Sexual Conduct Conviction

1st degree: Up to life in prison and lifetime registration on sex offender list

2nd degree: Up to 15 years in prison and lifetime registration on sex offender list

3rd degree: Up to 15 years in prison and 25 years registered on sex offender list

4th degree: Up to 2 years in prison and 25 years registered on sex offender list


Most important of all of these, KEEP YOU MOUTH CLOSED!   Anything you say will in fact be used against you, what you do not consider a “confession” police or social workers are likely to.   NEVER EVER EXPLAIN anything you have ever done.  They are experts at twisting your words around and making you say things you don’t intend.

The police or federal agent is not meeting with you to hear your side of the story or to feel sorry for you —- they are visiting you to confirm their case against you with your unknowing confession.
As your sex crime lawyers, we want to help you get through this difficult time.

We are affordable. Because we are efficient and experienced in handling sex crime cases in Michigan, you will find affordable, personalized, quality legal services at our criminal defense law firm.

We listen. You need a sex crime defense lawyer who will take the time to listen to your side of what happened. Tell us the details. The more we know about what happened, the better we can help you. We are on your side.

We have the skills and defense experience you need. As experienced criminal defense trial lawyers and skilled negotiators, we can work to minimize your sentence or fight for your acquittal. Remember, experience doesn't cost, it pays!

Our Client was charged in Oakland county (MI) with two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in 3rd degree and Assault. After five days of jury trial, the jury come back with verdict of
 Not Guilty on all count. 
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Our clients (husband and wife) both were charged with six counts of criminal sexual conduct in the Ist degree. On stipulated motion, the court dismissed all counts against our clients. 

Client was charge with offer to engage to an act of prostitution  in the City of Detroit. On our motion to dismiss with prejudice, the court Granted our motion, and dismiss the case with prejudice against our client.  With prejudice mean that police or the prosecutor can not bring the charges back. 
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